Sunday, April 13, 2008

2 New Albums for Sunday listing!!! Be the first to see!

Both Sold, thanks Kelly JO!!


Well I have HAD a WEEK!! I have worked my self silly this week!! I have gotten out almost all of the special orders minus the one album yet to do. Plus my friend Donna in Alaska's album/tin combo to get done too. But I worked yesterday and today and got these 2 albums done for listing tomorrow on Ebay! I hope that things sell!! I am also hoping for more orders, stressful as they can be, they bring in some $$! It helps that I enjoy it! I might even give the 12X12 pages a go this week too, see what I can come up with. IF you don't see one on here or ebay from know that I haven't mastered it yet! ha I have made a recipe album that was fun, and will be fun for someone to fill out. I also made this Remember your yesterdays album as well, its really a nice album, really pretty colors, really different too. SO hope they both sell!

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