Sunday, January 27, 2008

January 27th 2008

Hello Everyone!

Well worked really hard this week on albums, and special orders. I have half of my special order done, just one more album to do! I am showing the one I do have done today on here. I am also showing you my tin/album combo that I will be listing today , some time this evening. My other auctions are going quite well , I am so hoping for a bidding war!!! Lots of people looking at my album/tin combo, it has a bid on it and 36 people watching it!!! I am also selling the album that i listed on tuesday so things are looking good! I am having a bit of luck on my wood signs, with one selling. I will play it by ear if I list any more at the moment, might have to figure out what the best area to put it in to get more "lookers".

So this week I will have to get busy and finish my special order and I have a good customer and friend, whom I owe an album too as well. So will get started on it for her!!

The snow is melting, its a nice day!! Might have to take in some sun shine! Have a great week!
2/5/08 Finished the second half of the special order...the birthday/st. Patrick, I hope that Staci will love it...wanted a vintage feel to it as well .

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