Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Special Order Painting.

I was asked by a very special lady to paint a picture for her in memory of her father.  I have painted her a painting in the past so I was happy to paint her another. 
The painting has words to a song the way her dad used to sing them and a phrase he used to ask. I am used to painting faces, ladies with wings etc, not objects really, so this was something new for me. 
We decided on these colors and I really love them and intend to use them again  in the future.  The guitar is brought out by the use of a stabilo pencil and water applied to make it fade out making a shadow. I added some rose to the piece because Lisa is the new owner of a floral/gift shop. So wanted to add something personal  of her into the painting too. You cannot see it but there is papers under the paint that adds depth and texture, there is inks sprayed to add texture and movement too. Inside the guitar circle, I dont know what you call it...but I placed a piece of hymnal paper, from the song , "safe in the arms of Jesus" you really cant read it, but I know its there and what it is about. I like to add something from myself to the paintings. So this is the painting set up in her home. I think it fits right in. Thank you Lisa for entrusting me with your special memories of your dad. 

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