Monday, February 13, 2017

Journal stuff....

Posting a couple art pieces I have done for my art journal and just for my every day life journal. The top was done a few days ago. With all that is going on online, facebook mostly, It has really made me struggle with sadness, anxiety, fear, anger etc. Finally my husband said...just get off of it for awhile. So I decided to do an art page in my journal and the innocence of a child is what is needed, the purity of a far we have come . I added the scripture of Guard your heart, because it really is speaking to me with all the hate being spewed and the negativity. Some times, art.....heals. 
I add its of art pieces here and there in my daily life journal, this one for the back of a calendar flip out. Happy accident with the color going into the modeling paste on the letters. I love it.  quick easy project.

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