Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hope is the thing with feathers.....

I started this painting a while ago and I just couldnt get the energy or motivation to get it done. I decided last night that today I would get back working on it and another painting I have to finish. So tonight I decided I was going to turn off my computer and work on it. I think I can call her done.  Hope seems to be my word for the year. I like the quote , Hope is the thing with feathers..It went with my idea to add a bird to the picture. I am not good with birds really. I have been making myself painting them though, to pus myself a bit. This bird may not be realistic  or an actual species..lol but its my bird!
This year has been very trying and I have found myself constantly talking to God. I find my hope in God always. So I find myself using the word "hope"in alot of my art, mixed media, journaling what have you. You just have to have 'hope'. Or whats the use right? 
This painting is done with acrylics, ink sprays, papers, washi tapes, pitt pens.  It is 12x16 in size.
Ill probably post it in my etys shop...and see if it sells. Lately I feel like I pay Etsy to have my art "viewed" not sold.  But there is always Hope.........

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