Sunday, August 2, 2015

Happy Mail Project

Made this little happy mail for a friend. We exchange happy mail every month. So much fun. I had an altoid box so I decided to use it and make something cute. A few months ago she sent me a tin with a little pencil inside and papers and its to write down prayers. I loved that! So I wanted something on the same line for her.
I covered it with some cute papers, and printed out the words and modpodged them on. I will note that when working with paper and tins..I tend to sand the tins before adding the paper so that it will stick better! I didnt have a  little heart so i made this one out of masking tape and then mod podge news papers to it till it took on the shape of a heart. Added the word love to it. I had these crinkly papers that you use for gifts..and put tha tin the bottom of the tin and placed the heart on it. I think its so cute. I had found this cute leafy viney ribbon and wanted to use it on the edge  of the tin. 
Fun quick little project but from the heart. ( no pun intended!) lol 

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