Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another entry in my "face journal"

Its been awhile since I added a face to my face journal. I saw a drawing of a girl on a ladies blog and I wanted to try my hand at her style. This is what I came up with and its not near as nice as hers!  Anyways thats not the purpose of my face journal..its really a journal I tend to go to when I'm feeling down, or having some emotion and I like to start to draw...sometimes I feel like I do my best drawing when Im an emotional mess. I have lived in the community that we live in now for aprox. 8 years. During that time I have tried to put myself out there and make friends..but to no avail. And I just hit bottom the other day and I have decided that I am done. So out came my journal to start drawing, and I may not be done. This is a big hurt and It may take me a few drawings to get over. When you see the quote about how ART heals your soul that is so true. I will have to say though that first God heals my soul and Art helps me deal. Seeing my post (I had posted on facebook a song that is called,  "a beautiful letdown" by switch foot..and that I was done) my long time friend whom I have not seen in a long time as we both have moved far apart, posted to me in a message the quote I used in this drawing.  I thought it was fitting and It touched my heart.  I will keep going...but it will be just for my family. I am done trying in this town and I will just accept it and pray that God will lead us on. Im ready. 
Thanks for stopping by maybe my next face and quote will be more inspirational and uplifting! 


Janet said...

A beautiful journal page. You are very brave to talk openly about your feelings and I admire that. I have the same problem where I live, in a close knit rural community, that is very cliquey and does not accept outsiders. Life can be a lonely one but the views are spectacular and so is the wild life! Chin up and carry on. Incidentally, after 15 years, I gave up on them too. We have two dogs and a horse for company and that is enough.xx

Renee G said...

Thank you Janet for your comment! God Bless you and enjoy your horse and dogs! I grew up in Montana and had a horse...I love them so much, they are such beautiful animals arent they?