Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Etsy Listing Friends Paper Bag Scrapbook Album

 Retro colors in this album with Farmhouse Paper Pack. Aged pages, machine sewn through out. This is a fun album. Would make a great Valentines gift for a dear friend.You can purchase it HERE in my Etsy shop!  Front cover layered with Rolodex card, and true story journaling tag. pretty flowers and stickers spelling out "friends" A cute brad with a old fashioned police officer running holding on a quote tag that says, " there is a certain happiness in being silly & rediculous." 
 Page 1 and 2 on the inside are a picture page, you can tuck a picture in behind the lace and quote tag. It says, "I like you just because you join  in on my weirdness." Page two is a pocket page made out of another rolodex card..with 2 tags tucked in behind. Another quote tag says, "My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me."
 Page 3 is a big journal page that you can add a picture to as well if you want. Page 4 has a scalloped edged tab that you can slide a picture into. With a quote tag that says, "If plan "A" doesn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters."
 Page 5 is another journaling spot but again you can tuck a picture in behind the 6 pints tab, and pull out the journaling card from behind the today tomorrow and always card. Page 6 has a place for a picture you slide behind the tape measure. a cute price tag for jounaling and another of the cute quote tags, "Im not weird, I'm a limited edition" (my personal favorite! lol)
 Page 7 has a cute pocket envelope with the string closure, inside is a journaling card and you could even tuck in a picture or two in there! Quote says, "When in doubt, dance it out." (good advice for anyone! )Page 8 a picture placement spot, again slide in behind the lace and quote tag. Quote says, "Life is better when you're laughing"
 Page 9 is another picture placement, with paper and lace picture holder...and and cute brad No.1 holding quote tag, "life is better with friends." Page 10 is a page with a file folder sewn in..a journaling card on the top and a pretty brad holding the tag , that says, "friends don't let friends, do silly things....alone. " The file is being held closed with a mini clothes pin. 
 Inside the file folder are 2 picture placements one with tabs one with lace.
The back of the file folder is another place for a picture with the lace from the other side of file going all the way around.  The last page is cute envelope sewn on...the tab of the envelope is tucked under the tab that says, "you are my happy" inside the envelope is a journaling card. Fun little album.

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