Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Some more Bags.....

 I made up 3 more gift bags to a special order. I HAD to use the new mo manning digi's got go with this pretty Farm House Paper Company Paper Company papers...called Norland. So so pretty. I love the color combo of the deep green, red and creams and tans. so pretty. I again used the design I learned from Roben-Marie Roberts Smith from her Blog give it a go and  give it a try, it is so much fun and so easy to do. You can make them as simply or as fancy as you like! I colored the images on these bags with my promarkers...its been a while since i have picked them up and colored anything, So with these mo manning digi's I just could not wait to color them up. They are so dang cute! I machine sewed the images to the pretty papers and then I hot glued them to the bag fronts. If I would of been thinking ahead, before i sewed the bags together i would of sewed them directly to the bag fronts instead of gluing them.  BUT I was in a hurry, I had ordered this paper and it took 17 days to get here people! 17 days! I usually and always order from A Cherry On Top and am always satisfied and find what I need and get it fast (with out paying an arm and a leg!) Well this paper must of been popular and they were out, SO I opted for a seller off EBAY....They had good feedback I ordered...long story short, of course when you need something fast, it doesnt get here. In the mean time I ordered other paper for another project from ACOT and notieced that they had the Norland in...BUT I didnt get it because I thought this other paper would be here before it would if I ordered it from them.....was I wrong! I ordered my ACOT papers and got them a days later, all the while I was waiting for this other! ARG Finally got it today and I got in and got moving on this order so that I could get it sent out tomorrow to my customer/friend. 
I made her a little suprise in a couple little bags, as she is so good to me and is always suprising me with goodies from time to time. 
Next project already started...a journal that I am making up for the year, Again Roben-Marie has given me this idea, although i will not be able to take the class she is offering with it...I being a frugel /poor person, adapted it to work for me so that I can some what participate in my own way.  Ill post it in the next post what i have so far! Thanks for stopping by!

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