Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Project for me for 2014

 I am a big fan of Roben-Marie Smith and when I saw her journal I freaked out! It is so awesome! I being on a tight budget and not able to take this class she and friends are offering, called a documented life project. I thought I could do my version of this type of thing, using the ideas I saw on her blog.  Most of my crafting supplies, come from money I make off of things I sell that I make. If  our family doesnt need it for other things. SO spending money on online classes, is really out of the question, and buying a mole skin planner , which is $16 on sale on still $16 dollars, and I see that as money I could use to buy some meat for my family, pay for my gas to get to town....that sort of thing. SO my solution is to adapt things to meet my "wants" but on a fraction of the price! I dont know all the fabulous things they are going to be teaching in this year long course, but I can use my imagination from what is written in the blog post and go with it on my own, in my own way. So to start out....I needed a journal...what I had on hand is a .50c comp notebook , that I got on sale, when school started. They are so handy for many projects and if you check my blog you will find I have used them many time for many things!  So why not use it to do my year long journal/etc.  Looking at Robens journal, I went with her style of art, as it is so colorful and fabulous...I painted up a paper, that you see below (watercolor paper) I drop paint on the paper and then i take and old credit card and smear it this way and that. Adding rings, her raspberries I think she calls them, doodles and such to the page, I took it and then cut out tabs for the top of my journal for the months! What was left over, I stuck to the front of this fun journal , i love the alphabet/numbers that are on the cover and didnt want to cover them all up.  Roben also had washi tape on the edges of her pages, I had a few kinds of them, but I wanted more colorful to match, SO being frugal, I took my masking tape and laid it out on my craft table top close together and painted it with gesso. Then after it had dried I started the same process as I did on the paper..smearing and doodling. Ta Da! Washi tape. I added it to the pages that the months started on...and I painted up some more pages to add to the first of the months page and attached with the washi tape,(below is a picture of it hanging up done, ready to use) they fold in and out, and I will add a calendar page to each first page and possibly more pull out pages as i go. 
 You can see the tabs, and the page edges below. If you are going to divide this comp book up for your months, It allows 8 pages per month, which I think I can make it work. Its not fancy, but its mine...and Im happy with it. Just because I am limited to the things I can afford, doesn't mean I have to miss out, nor do you! Just make it work as Tim Gunn would say...and adapt to meet your needs! If you can afford, then I am sure you will enjoy this class that is offered as the people teaching it are awesome artists. Just click on Robens name at the top of this post and It will take you to her blog post about it...check it out. Thanks for stopping by again! Working on some more things, hoping I can get them done...and posted on here and up for sale on Etsy. Remember to check out my Etsy Shop, just click on my etsy on the side of my blog and it should take you there, if not let me know! 

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