Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An new twist on things......

I have made Ava's birthday albums now for 4 years! Its such an honor to be asked to make them year after year and THIS year...there was a twist! Actually putting the pictures in as I went! I really enjoyed it! It made things a bit easier and also a bit stressful, hoping that you are doing it in a way that they will like, using the right pics, and not messing them up! I learned that it is best to have the client send you 2 sets of pictures in case you do mess up! lol   This years theme was My Little Pony. I had my little miss Bailee be my supervisor and let me know if the stickers I ordered or pictures I printed were the actual My Little Pony stuff! ( I apparently messed up on a couple prints!?) I used colorful papers, fun daisy flower, buttons, glitter papers and My little Pony stickers and prints.

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