Friday, May 24, 2013

LifeBook 2013 Week 18

I have skipped a few weeks of the 4 weeks I was behind on. They didnt suit my beliefs so I passed on doing those ones. It's good that you can pick and choose. I know at one point I felt in one of the online classes I took that I HAD to do ALL the work, which would end up causing me some anxiety. I then just came to the realization that this is about me. I can pick and choose what suits me and what feels right for my journey. So I chose to not do the Muse lesson. I will not set up an alter to speak to my "muse". Just not in my beliefs. So I passed. I chose to do this lesson, it was fun and relaxing, those are the kinds i like to stick with. And the ones that will make you think and do a bit of healing or self motivating. In this one you painted with your hands, and then added a picture, and wrote things about yourself, to give yourself that pep talk you need sometimes! I chose to be a little goofy with my picture...cuz that is just who i am! lol  But it was fun to doodle  and get things down on paper. 


Anonymous said...

I am having fun browsing thru your lovely work!

Renee G said...

thank you so much! glad you enjoyed it!!!