Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 8 and 9 Projects in Lifebook 2013

 Week 9 was to learn how to paint over a printed image with watercolor crayons and gesso! It was so much fun!!!! Love it, and it will be fun to do this technique again and again!
Week 8 was called unstumpification Technique. Elong..gating images ! The girl on the left was the original size, and the girl on the right is done using same image, just "unstumpifying. I struggled with this one at first..i didnt have the supplies  like she had so had to be inventive! lol  But in the end i love how it turned out and love the layout.
I am so enjoying this year long class...it really makes you step outside your comfort zone and it also teaches you so so much. I am LOVING it!

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