Friday, December 24, 2010

Wooden Snowman

I had bought a wooden snow man at the thrift store and i decided i wanted to make it more ME...well....i made it more me by throwing it away and drawing out my own on some plywood and cut it out and painted it up to suit me ! yes i use power tools, i have my very own! ha ha.

So i drew up this snow man and cut out his nose on a thin piece of wood and painted it all up with house paint as a base. Then while it was still wet i used some craft paint, blue and painted in the edges and lightly brushed it into the wet white paint to give it shadow and demention. Added some berry springs to his hat, a cloth ribbon and then a plaid scarf and some snow glitter ! I used some of my aged wire and jingle bells and attached it to the snowmans arms by drilling a hole and wiring it through. I did this all in about 3 hours! I will let it dry good and dry and then spray it with some mate finish to protect it while its outside this winter on the side of my house! It was a fun project! As for the old snowman, i borrowed his arms for this one and little miss bailee decided to not throw it away and painted it up to her liking! Ill attach it so you can see!

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