Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dryer sheets...who would of thunk!

I made some cards today and i think ive gone completely crazy for dryersheets!!!!! I watched a tutorial the other day from Beate on her blog Fresh and Fun, you can find it HERE. Oh my im addicted to it now! lol I can seem to wash and dry clothes fast enough to do this, and i have to fight the puppies for the dryer sheets!! Now i am going to HAVE to get a zyron machine, as i dont have one now so i improvised and used some teriffically tacky tape, in sheet form. I stuck the TTT on the front of the image, and it makes it a little yellower in color, but it still worked, then rub on the dryer sheet, then you still feel a little sticky coming through the dryer sheet and i rubbed some of the martha stewart fine glitter on it like Beate did and it is so awesome! Just make you so happy !!! You have to try it! Makes it so soft looking! So i used what i had, I think i can squeeze one or 2 more small ones on the rest i have if im very careful!! lol Friday im going to town and will price out one of those zyrons! LOL. My kids might have to go with out a meal but im getting one! JK!
Anywho back to the cards! I colored these 2 images, The bear is lily of the valley and the girl and her dog is a penny johnson. I used some scrap papers on the cards, one i used kraft paper for the card itself and the other a blue cardstock for the card. I stamped snowflakes on the girl and her dog cards and then on one i clear embossed over the larger snowflakes, on the other i added rhinestones for a little sparkle!

On the bear stamped cards i used more scrap papers and machine sewed them and added some snowflakes that i used chalk ink on to add some color to match the dotted paper behind the image! All have the same sentiments, you warm my heart and Im keeping one of each and posting the other 2 on etsy, hopefully tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by, if you need me ill be sitting by the dryer waiting for my dryer sheet!

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Vicky said...

Love the cards, have heard of this technique but never done it and not heard about it with the glitter!
well done!