Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thank you Gift

The houseboat in the background.
Luke and Logan Luke and LoganLuke

I posted the thankyou card in the previous post to this gift. I had to finish up the Scrapbook album and matching gift bag and tag so that I could post it all for you !
I used a larger paperbag album for this gift. The nice family that I made this for, were generous enough to invite my son Luke on their vacation. He is friends with thier son, Logan. They took a vacation to Tablerock lake, I think that is what it is called , in Missouri. They stayed on a houseboat the whole time and enjoyed playing in the water. There was a slide off the back off the boat from the top level, they hired a faster boat to pull them on a big tube. All in all they had a good time and I am so greatful to them for being so geneous in inviting Luke.
I thought the album would be a great way to say thankyou since Lila LOVES to take pictures, and I think her nick name is "the paparazzi" LOL. So she will have to sort through all her pictures to find the right ones to put in this album. If you notice there is a scarecrow that i paper pieced included in the album, its a Whitmore family joke/tradition to take a scarecrow on vacations and take pictures of it in different places. So I had to add one for their scrapbook! Lila will get a kick out of it! I hope you noticed the flowers i made out of old pattern paper.....i had seen them on someone elses blog and so i HAD to make my own! I used the stamp that i used on the bag and card and just traced around it to make the flower shape! (who says stamps are just for stamping! LOL) Then I laid at least 4 on top of each other glueing inbetween each layer, then i took one cut out and folded it in half, and glued that on, along with the other half and so on. Then i took a cut out and folded it in half and half again! and just kept adding layer after layer until i felt it was "fluffy" enough. Then glued a button in the middle! I can get the old patterns at the thrift store for .25cents..! So you can get a ton of flowers out of all that pattern paper!.

The album is made in a vintage style so , the pattern paper flowers went with it fabulously! Old map paper and and colors of tans, greens and reds added to that theme. I had to add some vintage style "music" themed paper to the album to as Lila teaches music and her kids Logan and Sarah are very musical and have won lots of awards for their abilities. So here are some pics of the album and the gift bag and tag


jude said...

This is absolutely stunning hun ,im sure she will love it and fill with fab memories of their trip!Gorjuss flowers love the scarecrow too!Hope your well so9 hot over here in UK im praying for rain not had any where we are for over 4 weeks,today they say is cooler 32 degrees i dont call that
have great weekend
hugs judex

Renee G said...

Thanks Jude, think Luke will take it to them today.
Its hot here too, in the 90s going to be 101 on tuesday...not looking forward to that! yOu stay cool, we are trying too!