Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Sunday listing....Album/Tin Set

I am going to list this album and tin set tomorrow on ebay! I will give ebay a chance at it and if it dont sell in a weeks time then it will go over to Etsy!

This is a beautiful set, love these colors of browns and tourqoises. So nice, exceptional work in this set. It was alot of work and I think it turned out to be one of the best ones I have ever made. The album has a antique metal hinge that I strung ribbon through to hold the whole album together. There are 14 pages and on each page is a card to list each birthday for each month of the year. The pocket pages hold 2 pull outs each for a total of 6 that have tabs on them that have each month of the year for putting in anniversary dates. Machine sewn through out as well as inking every page. This is just a fabulous set that will be fun to use!

The tin is in matching paper and the paper was sewn befor i put it on the tin for added charm and to match the album. This tin is to keep all your cards for your certain occasions. The tin is even lined on the inside from top to bottom. There are 8 divider cards and i left 3 for you to label yourself. This set is high quality and almost hate to sell it , want to keep it for myself!
If you want to see all the pictures you will have to go and look at the listing. I will come back and put the listings on tomorrow night, but you can look me up on ebay as ibredrenee in the community or under paper bag albums and you will find my work in there. Dont forget to look at the blog below this one for another album i will be listing on sunday as well!


dkerman said...

You have such wonderful talents. Your work is truly beautiful.

Diane in Wisconsin

Annette said...

Your work is AMAZING!!! Wish i had half the talent. =) I bought one of your recipe books on ebay and getting ready to buy the "just desserts" too. I still can't get over how talented you are. I may order more for Christmas presents in the next week or so, if you aren't too busy!