Sunday, May 8, 2016

Forgive ...

art journal page 5/5
I have a big order coming up that is going to take up alot of my time. So while im waiting for the  and supplies to get here via the mail, I thought I would spend a little time relaxing and doing some art in my art journal. I didnt like how this girl was turning out at first but I kept at it and love her in the end.  I was doing my documented life journal and was using these big stamps dipped in paint for my date, and would wipe them off on a piece of paper and liked how that looked, I used that paper on my next art journal page that I will post shortly, but decided to use the number stamp stamp on this journal page. 7 is my favorite number and when it says in the bible to forgive 70 times 7...I decided to go for 777.  To forgive is important and something I have to work on , being forgiven was easy for God to do for us...because He loves us unconditionally.  Im trying to love more, forgive more, so good journal page for me.

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