Thursday, April 17, 2014

3 Painting Order Done!

 I have painted up these 3 canvas' for my "virtual bestie" Lisa! ( she will get that!) My first is this owl, like my other owls I have painted, a little more vibrant and orderly I guess...It was funny when Lisa and I  were discussing the quotes that would go on each painting this was one of the one's I had selected myself for the when she sent me the choices for what the lady she is giving it to wanted...we had both had this one on our list...and she didnt know that  I had painted a moon in the background! So it was perfect and meant to be!
 Now this one is alot like the other angel I painted a while back with the black heart...that is because I was desparate! I knew what her quote was to be, and that the person getting the painting wanted more purple in it...well for some reason I hit a wall on it..I painted 4 different paintings, only to paint them over and then finally paint this one! Just the one things of add purple...made it like a block in my creativity! I got over it.  I used a palet knife to apply most of the paint in a second layer. I really like how it looks and I also used some of my new golden high fluid paint with the red "runs" I want to use more of them in the near future. 
This one is for Lisa...Lisa is a beautiful blonde..she is beautiful inside and it wasnt hard for me to paint this picture for her. And turns out...this quote is her fav as well as mine!!! Love how it turned out.  I hope she will be thrilled when she gets them! (thanks so much lisa!!!)
Im working on more paintings for sale...I will post a painting tomorrow that I did for a customer for her daughter. Come back and check it out!

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Vicky said...

you are an amazing artist!! These painting are truly fantastic!
Well done!!
Vicky xx