Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Journal Page and a New Art Piece!

 Had some fun the last few days, playin in some paint! I decided to give a go at another art piece for fun, smaller in size..So came up with his angel. I love this saying "being different is one of the most beautiful things on earth. Embrace your "you"ness.  Found it on pinterest. Alot of times i will find a quote and that will be what leads me to the next art piece i do.  Lots of bright colors , this time i put a face on her and it goes along with the other angel piece i did. Which im totally in love with and cant wait to frame and hang it some where. Ill refresh your memories of it and repost it under this new piece.  

I also needed to use up my leftover paint, so as not to waste it..i am frugal and dont like to waste! I took a journal page and went to town. I just used my finger and painted the colorful circles..then painted red around the circles to make them pop. I had watched a video on pinterest by Dyan Reaveley on using white pen to journal and how you just go with it, not really having to think so much on what you journal, it doesnt have to be mind blowingly awesome or can just be for fun!So i just wrote about that! lol And it just makes for a cool texture/background with the words on the page. Working on another page along the same lines as this cuz its just so much fun to be loose and free. 
Well off i go to fix some supper, clean some house and then meet back here in the craft room to start on a new project or two! I had a few sales of my albums and im needing to get a few more of those made and put back into my etsy store. Check out my other items for sale over there! Thinking about starting to sell  a few art pieces in the near future, so keep an eye out! Thanks for stopping by!

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