Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quirky Birds Lifebook 2013 Lesson 14

This is my first attempt at quirky birds for lifebook lesson 14.  It is fun to mess around with different shapes and ideas for making up your own style of birds. I went along on this set more like Tamara taught . This was a Honoring and Grounding exercise. We put down words from a special song or poem that speaks to us. I chose Move Along by All american Rejects. 
I decided to do another attempt at it and be more myself with the birds. So this second one is that ..and i love it more! It was more relaxing and felt no pressure!
So much fun, have a go at it and see what you come up with!


berlykim37 said...

So cute.

LindieLee said...

Ah...I would love to try it but I'm not taking Life Book this year. I've seen students work from this year and the only thing I love is the quirky birds lesson. Can you elaborate more how it's done?

Renee G said...

Not much to it really, just tape your pages together with masking tape, draw up your birds random shapes , types etc...and paint. i dont have all the fancy supplies that others have for the lessons so i just make do with what i do have. you can use paint with your stencils for backgrounds or if you have spray inks...just have fun with it, relax and just go for it! I used all acrylic paints on mine i think and i may of use some watercolor crayons for shading . Thats it!