Friday, June 15, 2012

Fairy Tale Friday....HOOO wants to see my project!

Today I am posting this new project i have made for a dear sweet friend. Her and I LOVE owls and when i saw the new images this week at KNEW which one i would be using! (i also cant wait to try the other one too...check them out at I made up 6 note cards, with 3 different sentiments.  I then made a  little "pouch" to hold the cards in, and i thought it would be cute if it was a little i cut out a circle , then cut out its center, and then went back in and cut around each with scissors to make it uneven like edges of a nest. I then took my promaker and started with the lightest color working little criss crosses all around and then worked my way up in the darker shades. I took my black gellyroll pen and drew around a few of the "twigs" and then highlighted some with my white gellyroll pen as well. Making sure to let a few "twigs" went onto the background of the pouch to make it look more realistic. I think it turned out great,  and asked my family if it looked like a next or a "hairy donut! LOL....they thought it looked like a nest....!phew.

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