Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forever Family Memories 8x8 scrapbook album


I have been working on this 16 page album for a few weeks. It is finally done!!! I was going to make it a 20 page album but it was getting to fat! Its just chocked full with decorative details and tags for journaling and places for pictures. Lots of flowers and ribbons, and buttons! The pages are 8x8 in size. I used my life stories paper, its so awesome! Second time i have used this paper, but in the green/blue tone this time. If you are interested in this item contact me , i will be listing it on etsy soon , you can find it there as well then. (


jacque4u2c said...

WOW! just stunning!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree totally....where on ebay can one see this book.

Renee G said...

i havent posted it on ebay or etsy yet. I plan on posted on etsy . Just havent gotten around to it. Let me know if your interested. Im thinking on asking $125 plus shipping.

Anonymous said...

Renee check your yahoo account, I sent you an email... I would buy it. Teresa.

(Rydonna's sister in law)

Anonymous said...

get ahold of me on yahoo


Renee G said...

Teresa, i checked my yahoo account and nothing, email me at ok!