Sunday, February 7, 2010

My First Full Scrapbook Album! So FUN!

Ok....its been awhile since i have posted...but i have a good reason for that!!!!!! I have been super super busy on an order AND i finished it tonight! I have to admit that i was a bit freaked out with this order as i have never made one of these 8x8 scrabook albums before ever! I am used to making the 5x5 paper bag albums and i have done the 12x 12 page layouts, but only like just 2 at a time! Well I got this order and i got in my supplies and i began!! After i got the cover of the scrapbook done, i began with the pages. I wanted to keep with the vintage and almost shabby chic style and keep it going through out the pages. ALL 20 of them!!!!! After i got the first one done....i began to relax and tell myself, I can do this!!!!! And each day i was more and more excited to get back to it and see what else i could come up with! I LOVE THIS ALBUM! I am so sure that Laura will love it too. It is a life's journey album and i wanted to put words along the way that pertain to life. Like Strength, Trust, Love, Laughter and so on, you can see it on almost every page. I tried to also have some place to journal and there is a place for pictures on every page. I have posted all the pics so it will be a long post. Thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

I love it, that you got faith and hope on the one page, and my song. thankyou from the bottom of my heart