Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well this is the first of my Blogs! I'm a newbie at this, so bear with me! I am excited about putting my Paper Bag Scrapbook Albums on this Blog that I sell on Ebay, to gain more exposure and feedback. Also since we just moved into our own house, I feel my creative juices flowing to get out the old paint cans and start making it my own! I think the first job will either be my little girls room , making it a tinkerbell paradise OR painting and distressing my cabinates and making the kitchen more into a french country/tuscan theme.
Moving is a pain and my craft room is still in boxes, as the previous owners have failed to get their piano out of that room so here I sit 2 weeks with out touching "the cherished paper!" For all you scrappers out there I know you understand that!!! Anyways im just not myself with out crafting everyday!
Anyways enjoy the blog! Renee'


Vicky said...

This looks wonderful Renee'!! Welcome to the world of blogging!!
I'm sure I'll be visiting often!

Renee G said...

Thanks vicky...will probably need your advice! I dont know how to make the pics big like you do on your site. Have to fill me in!!!!! I check your blog everyday!!!